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Author: Diana Barash

You Are The One book cover

Great book

Once in a while comes a book that moves you and inspires you like “You are the one” by Kute Blackson.  A book about finding freedom and peace of mind. It will move your soul and it will ignite and motivate and it’s a quick read. I was super touched by this book, therefore, wanted to […]...

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Spring is here!!!

Spring is here!!! What a lovely time of the year, my favorite. Everything is blooming and the delicious fragrances are in the air. Just look around you and there’s a gorgeous color galore of beautiful nature, beautiful trees, flowers, plants, and hills, with butterflies, birds and other insects bathing and hovering in the sun.  Enjoy […]...

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“Live Talks” – Los Angeles

It was such a pleasure to meet last night the super talented actress Marcia Gay Harden at “Live Talks” Los Angeles. She’s such an eloquent speaker, intimate and personal. Pure delight. She presented her book that she wrote about her mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, a very sad condition that is still a mystery […]...

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Israel at Eurovision

So happy to report that Israel won the Eurovision Song competition a few days ago.  It was a very beautiful and colorful show, it’s available to watch On Youtube. Netta did a great job. The super talented singer who has a beautiful voice and a super strong presence on the stage. She is not afraid […]...

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